300 Hour Mandalas of Flow Teacher Training

January 2020


300 Yoga Alliance CYC Mandalas of Flow Teacher Training

We have an AWESOME 300 hour training program that we are rolling out and are really excited to share the news! Offering a line up of incredible & very talented instructors that will guide you through the deeper tributaries of yoga. Our training is ADVANCED and an INTENSIVE that will push you past your present boundaries of your practice, your knowledge and your teaching of yoga. We would love to invite you on this journey  with us.

We do offer payment plan options and an early bird special!

Note: We are the only studio on the coast offering a training like this... with established teachers, diverse in backgrounds and deeply rooted in their area of study! There are plenty of 300 Hour Programs to choose from, but not on this side of the coast and at this price.

It is the intention of NALI to bring rich offerings to those who want to dive deeper especially to those on the coast! Saving you from that drive over the hill!

If you are seeking to do your own training or teach in one you must be 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified and our program will get you there. This new standard will be in effect starting in 2020!

Please take a moment to read about our guest instructors and make sure you can attend ALL the dates of the training before committing. IF you are ready to be brave and go big, contact us for an application.


NALI (Natalie & Ali): Sahapathins,

Companions on your Journey

NALI will be your guides through this next layer of your journey. Nat & Ali found each other a little over 1.5 years ago and have been creating magic ever since. Natalie brings her years of experience in self-study & meditation as Ali draws from her living practice of energetic vinyasa through mandala sequencing. Together, they offer a balanced union of Lunar and Solar, Yin & Yang. They will push you to dive deep into "satsang" while encouraging you to explore the vast tributaries of your personal Sadhana. Find your edge and take it deeper.


Neil Wadhawan: Bhakti Slayer & Prime Mover of Rhythms

We’re not sure words can explain a class with Neil Wadhawan. Super excited to have his teachings in this training! Welcome our Bhakti Slayer! Neil Wadhawan was exposed to yoga by his father at a very young age. He grew up learning about eastern philosophy, which eventually led him to receive a B.A. in Philosophy. His classes are playful and fluid, with the heart of each class featuring Neil playing a Djembe drum while simultaneously instructing. The Djembe plays the rhythm of the breath called Ujjayi, an ancient yogic breathing technique, which allows the practitioners to breathe and move in sync. Neil has been a teacher in several trainings in San Francisco and all over the world. He continues to share his love for the practice locally and beyond. There is always something new to learn and the only way to continue to grow is to remain a student.


Monika Kaufman:

Captain of Advanced Sequencing

Will be creating space for self-study fueled by curiosity and enthusiasm for life, both on and off the mat. She has been leading yoga classes, lifestyle programs and Teacher Training for 20ish years. Monika hopes that you will always learn something during a practice with her. We are honored to have Monika be a big part in this training!


David Platshon: Musical Guest

Born in Washington, DC and began playing funky drums after seeing a band play at my elementary school when he was 11. Moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles in 1976, he was introduced to yoga and practiced with Mari Gayatri Stein. In addition to yoga, his drumming career expanded with recording and touring. In 2012 he was fortunate to meet and tour with Wah! and continue to connect with her now that he is living in HMB.


Kim Combs: Guru of Philosophy

Kim began her Yoginiship in 2003. Dedicated practitioner since 2005. Feel in love with the 'Ashtanga Inspired' method shortly thereafter. Received her 200 hr certification in Ashtanga method with Clayton Horton and Greenpath Yoga in 2010 and 2012, and has been studying the practice under the guide of Devorah Sacks at Mission Ashtanga in S.F. ever since.


MADE (Margaret & Deb): TT Assistants

Margaret and Deb will be your care guides along the way! Making sure all your needs are met during the training! They will also be assisting and conducting posture/practice teaching clinics.


Jenn Gaskin: Master of Anatomy

We are so excited to have the super talented Jenn back. She comes with years of knowledge and understanding of the human body. We promise you learn about things you didn't even know existed or happened while in a pose. As well as a deeper connection with your body. Jenn is a master teacher assisting in Tias Little Trainings.


Xiaohong Weng: Master of The Handstand

Xiaohong (The guy doing the one arm handstand on someone's head!) started training in inversions at the age of 1. Being a circus performer and professional acrobat he offers a perspective on inversions like no other yoga teacher. His conditioning style class will take your inversions to the next level.

We have two options for you to become an advanced 300 Hour Teacher:

Track 1

Mentorship Program

Attend training @ CYC and complete our 100 hour Mentorship Program. This means you will take all the hours in the following schedule below, in addition to tailoring part of your training hours to your own unique track. Lets face it, we all have different taste and style. In your personalized 100 hrs you will do a combination of assisting, adjusting and teaching in classes @ CYC as well as attending outside workshops that align with your choice & focus as a teacher. In other words, DISCOVER your NICHE! Your plan of action and workshops must be approved by NALI.

Track 2

Pilgrimage to India

Attend the training @ CYC AND attend our INDIA Retreat in Oct 2020 with Ali and Margeret for a deeper journey into the tributaries of your personal Sadhana. You will receive 100 hours of Teacher Training credit and this will meet the requirement for your remaining hours in the Program. There are additional writing assignments with this track.



January 2020:
Sat 1/18 11-7
Sun 1/19 11-7

Feb 2020:
Sat 2/8 11-7
Sun 2/9 11-7
Mon 630-930

Sat 2/22 11-7
Sun 2/23 11-7
Mon 2/24 630-930

March 2020:
Sat 3/15 11-7
Sun 3/15 11-7
Mon 3/16 630-930

Sat 3/28 11-7
Sun 3/29 11-7
Mon 3/30 630-930

April 2020:
Sat 4/11 11-7
Sun 4/12 11-7
Mon 4/13 630-930

Sat 4/25 11-7
Sun 4/26 11-8
Mon 4/27 630-930

May 2020:
Sat 5/ 8 11-7 
Sun 5/9 11-7
Mon 5/10 630-930

Sat 5/23 11-7
Sun 5/24 11-7
Mon 5/26 630-930

June 2020:
Sat 6/6 11-7 
Sun 6/7 11-7
Mon 6/8 630-930 

Test OUT
Friday 6/19  5-9 



Requirements: Must have your 200 YTT Certificate

  • Topics but not limited to

    • Prana Vinyasa

    • Mandala & Chakra Vinyasa Sequencing

    • Pancha Vayus & Koshas

    • Energetic Alignment 

    • Inversions

    • Assists & Adjustments

    • Anatomy

    • Yoga Philosophy & Subtle Body

    • Live Drums: Connecting w/the primal pulse

    • Introduction to Shaivism

    Past Participant Feedback of CYC’s Yoga Teacher Trainings:

“Growing in my understanding of my own practice, specifically with energetic alignment and cuing! I am so much more aware of my subtle body when I practice. The community was so amazing to be a part of. Thank you so much Ali and Nat for bringing this group together and introducing us to such awesome teachers in the yoga community. I feel grateful to know you both, and now, my fellow 200 hr teachers. I sincerely hope you both continue these trainings in the future. So many can benefit!”

“Natalie is not only amazing, she put together an unbelievable curriculum that had all of us wanting more and more. Natalie inspires people to grow body, mind and soul for the greater good”

“Coastside Yoga Collective Teacher Training’s 200-hour teacher training prepares its trainees to begin teaching the principles and techniques of yoga safely and competently.”

“Coastside Yoga Collective, treated me like family. Made me feel at home, with a learning atmosphere and making sure we are understanding the assignments. They are open to our suggestions, questions, and our concerns and addressed all.”

Mandalas release us from duality. Mandalas teach us detachment. My human conscousness is linear but My Self consciousness is circular. When I align with my higher Self, I have no attachments to outcome. I see clearly.”

– Ali Bye