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It's All About The Hips- Workshop

It’s all about the hips. Come discover your hips from the outside in and the inside out. Find freedom, flow and fun at CYC on September 15th at 10:30am.


There are a total of 22 muscles that cross the hip on all sides and at varying angles, including the hip flexors in the front, hamstrings, glutes, and deep lateral rotators in the back, your inner thigh muscles “adductors”, and your outer thigh muscles “abductors”.

 Take this opportunity to discover, play and learn more about your hips. Join Deb and Margaret, and special guest Dr. Evelyn Moseley D.C. for this fun 3-hour hip-lightening workshop focusing on stretching, stabilizing, & increasing mobility in your hips. We will build heat through dynamic vinyasa and create space and freedom in the hips through steady and strategic hip openers.

 Whether you are looking to loosen up your hips or simply deepen your yoga practice then this workshop is right for you,

Earlier Event: August 25
Later Event: September 29
Fall Equinox Bowl Symphony