Ali Bye, founder | teacher training lead

*Ali offers private yoga sessions @ CYC

Ali has been teaching yoga for over 18 years, with an emphasis in Prana Flow Yoga since 2005.  Her path in yoga began as a young teen and what started as a casual practice, evolved into a way of life  Inspired by the power in Bryan Kest and the transformational flows of Shiva Rea, she pursued her studies in 1997 with local teachers, eventually transitioning from practitioner to teacher. She later completed her formal YTT at Samudra Global School of Living Yoga under Shiva Rea.  In 2012, she sailed her first boat charter in the British Virgin Islands. Her love for sailing became just as potent as her practice. Furthermore, attempting yoga while out at sea was a welcomed challenge. After the charter, she moved out of her apartment, bought a sailboat and moved aboard. This began her journey of yoga on the water. Shortly thereafter, she created The Cruising Yogi (Island Yoga Retreat Boat Charters), combining her two loves: sailing and yoga in the most beautiful corners of the world. Leaving the stability of a studio and building a foundation for practice over the water challenged her perceptions of what yoga actually was. “There were no mirrors and nothing to compare to. It was just me, my feeling state, guided by intuition.” That experience changed how she did yoga and initiated a sense of being yoga: a flow that is forever evolving. 


Natalie D’onofrio, founder | retreats, events & operations

Natalie has been teaching meditation and yoga for 15 yrs and practicing for over 20 years. Natalie was first inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga system and then fell deeply in love with her meditation practice.  She has studied with many teachers all over the United States as well as Internationally. Her main teacher now is Richard Miller where she has learned to teach yoga nidra/IREST. Natalie has done everything in the yoga industry from teaching classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, managed and owned studios.  Coastside Yoga Collective is her final signature and parting gift to all her yoga friends and the beautiful Half Moon Bay community that she loves.


Deb Heminger, founder | studio manager & student liaison

*Deb offers private yoga sessions @ CYC

In 2006 Deb became immediately hooked on yoga when a friend invited her to a Bikram style yoga class. Once an avid runner and marathoner, Deb hung up 26 miles of running for 26 postures of yoga! Her teaching journey began in 2015 after completing her 200 hour teacher training at a local studio on the coast under the instruction and mentorship of Natalie D'onofrio. In the Spring of 2018 Deb will complete her 500 hour teacher training. Deb teaches and practices many different styles of yoga as she loves to share her passion for wellness and her yoga experience with others. Deb is a delightful and energetic morning person; join her on your mat at 5:15am to kick-start your day with no better way than with an hour of yoga.Since first practicing yoga it has been her dream to open a yoga studio in her community and now that dream has become a reality.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. - C.S Lewis


Margaret Haight, founder | Marketing

*Margaret offers private yoga sessions @ CYC

Margaret started practicing yoga in 2010 and fell in love with how yoga encourages an exploration of the physical body while simultaneously challenging the mind. She was drawn to the transformation of how she felt after practicing yoga both physically and mentally. Feeling called to take her yoga practice to the next level, she received her 200 hour training under Natalie D’onofrio in 2016. She will complete her 300 hour in April, 2019. You will find Margaret teaching Vinyasa Flow, Power Fusion and Yoga Shred at Coastside Yoga Collective. For Margaret the most important part of her teaching is to remain a steadfast student, constantly exploring. Her classes are centered around body mechanics and the connection made in the physical practice to develop mental clarity, and empowerment on and off the mat. Through her practice and teaching Margaret has found a deeper meaning to her role in life and to her relationships with her family, friends and community.


Kat Seevers, Retail & Instructor

Katriona Seevers RYT 500, YACEP (upon 300 hr training completion) is a Libra, loves yoga and the breath, married her best friend, and would die for her cat. Her biggest thrill is holding space for others to heal themselves through their own practice.


Charles Seevers, Retail & Instructor

Charles Seevers, RYT 200 was born and raised in the Bay Area, and is the hero of his own story. Through yoga, he finds his breath and the patience needed to raise three children while still maintaining a connection with the divine in the universe. He is married to his best friend in all of time and space.


Jackie Pollard, Yin&Restorative Director/Instructor

Jackie has been practicing yoga since 2010 and completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2016 on the coast under Natalie D’onofrio. She has assisted with several teacher trainings to continue growing and sharing her passion for teaching with new instructors. In her classes, she establishes a space for students to explore their physical practice by creating intentional and challenging sequences. Jackie teaches Vinyasa Flow and Yinyasa on Wednesday evenings at CYC. She will complete her restorative teacher training in the Summer under Judith Hanson Lasater and is excited to share her learnings with her students.


Kim Combs, Ashtangi Lead Instructor

Kim began her Yoginiship in 2003. Dedicated practitioner since 2005. Feel in love with the 'Ashtanga Inspired' method shortly thereafter. Received her 200 hr certification in Ashtanga method with Clayton Horton and Greenpath Yoga in 2010 and 2012, and has been studying the practice under the guide of Devorah Sacks at Mission Ashtanga in S.F. ever since.


Meredith Manning, Yoga & Buti Yoga Instructor

Meredith believes that variety is the key to fitness. Her experience leading group fitness began in 2003, and has included indoor cycling, BodyPump, high intensity interval training, etc.; all of these worthy efforts begin with and are improved by the foundational abilities developed by training in a way that replicates efforts required to meet the demands of real life and to maintain an injury-free existence. She discovered Buti Yoga in 2012 which challenges the musculature that supports the spine and internal strength, which is the foundation for all movement... plus it's really fun. Meredith is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She has just completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ali Bye & Natalie D’onofrio and is excited to start offering yoga classes.


Lindsey Passmore, Yoga Instructor

Lindsey Passmore grew up in Pacifica, where she began taking ballet at the age of two. The competitive nature and demanding physical practice of ballet eventually took a toll on her mind and body, so she turned to yoga to explore its deep healing and balancing philosophies. Yoga brought healing to her physical body, calmness to her overactive and competitive mindset, community to her social wellbeing, and a desire to forever continue learning about this beautiful art. In 2016, Lindsey obtained her 200 YTT certification Natalie D’onofrio. She loves teaching to all ages and abilities, and has found a passion for teaching yoga to newer yogis and to those with limited mobility. If yoga feels intimidating or you're not where sure to start, come join one of her alignment-focused classes, where she can help guide you through a safe beginning.