**We offer different temperatures for our classes

Unheated: No heat will be used. However we do have infrared heaters in our studio so the room will sit between 70-79 degrees in temperature.

Warm: The temperature will average between 80-89 degrees depending on who is teaching a “warm” class. Please check our mindbody schedule to confirm temperature.

Hot: The temperature will average between 90-100 degrees depending on who is teaching a “Hot” class. Please check our mindbody schedule to confirm temperature


CYC Flow Slow

Slow down and Flow Slow... Take an easy and yet still feel like your body worked. Start here building on a strong foundation from the Vinyasa discipline. Explore your body as you move to the rhythm of your breath. All levels/beginners welcomed. 

Prana Vinyasa

Prana Vinyasa blends traditional with intuitive fluid movements to cultivate creativity and strength. This dynamic sequencing encourages us to explore the energetic vayus through movement meditation, creating balance within the physical and subtle bodies. **Watch a prana vinyasa class in action

CYF (Coastside Yoga Flow)

CYC's Vinyasa style class. This class is set to music offering a sequencing of postures in a flow designed to link breath with movement. Meant for All Levels to attend.

CYC Detox Mix

This heated class is a fusion of CYC 26 HOT and Vinyasa style yoga. If CYC 26 HOT and Vinyasa had a baby it would be named CYC Mix! Set to music CYC Mix combines power, strength and flexibility with detoxifying qualities. The focus is on postures that open shoulders, hips and back while strengthening your core and upper body.

Yin Yasa

This class integrates with yin yoga with vinyasa flow to create a more balanced practice. You will start with a dynamic sequence to warm the body and burn off excess energy, allowing the body and mind to prepare for longer held poses with the use of supportive props. You will leave feeling centered and spacious! All levels welcome.

HIIY- High Intensity Interval Yoga

Set to upbeat music, HIIY is CYC's most challenging and innovative class. It's a blend of high intensity interval work, free weight movements and mini bands. Working every major muscle group, with a sprinkling of asanas to warm up your body and challenge your mind.format.**Watch a live HIIY class!

CYB Coastside Yoga Buti

Join Meredith Manning for Buti Yoga. Buti Yoga is 45 mins of music-driven dynamic asanas, primal movement, and cardio sprints that offer strength and conditioning, deep core engagement, and a twist on traditional yoga poses. **Watch a live CYB class!

CYC Core Flow

CYC Core Flow blends core strengthening exercises and yoga. You can expect the sequencing to incorporate many blocks of strengthening throughout. While the core work progresses and becomes more challenging throughout, the asana practice utilizes the engaged muscle groups or works to counter and open up what was working. Core flow is a great class to complement the other classes offered at CYC.

CYC Vinyasa Foundations

This class is geared towards beginners though all levels are welcome. Get solid in your understanding of a vinyasa flow class.